Posted by: Nate | June 4, 2008

Ortiz injures wrist; Out 2-4 weeks.

As I am sure many of you already know by this point, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz injured his wrist Saturday against the Baltimore Orioles and has landed on the disabled list. I refrained form making a post initially because there was a lot of noise surrounding the severity of the injury and I didn’t want to throw up any misinformation. Now that it’s been a couple of days, doctors have looked at it and performed tests we know exactly what we are dealing with.

According to the Red Sox website, Ortiz will spend the next two to three weeks in the protective [wrist] covering with the hope that the rest will allow scar tissue to repair the partially torn sheath that covers the ECU tendon in his left wrist.” As you may remember, this is similar to the injury Curt Schilling had on his ankle during the 2004 postseason that led to the infamous bloody sock, so there is some experience with this type of thing on the team. Both manager Terry Francona and General Manager Theo Epstein told the media that doctors had informed them that surgery for this type of injury is unlikely at this point.”

While this sounds promising, the possibility of surgery still looms large in Ortiz and the Sox futures. The current plan is to immobilize the wrist for 2-3 weeks hoping that the tendon sheath will be able to repair itself. According to medical reports given to Francona The idea is that it heals over with scar tissue and he’s not a risk [for reinjuring the wrist].” Assuming that in 3 weeks or so they take the cast off and the wrist checks out with no pain, Big Papi will start to rehab and get ready for game action again and could return shortly thereafter. This is obviously the best case scenario for everyone.

Ortiz himself said that as long as the pain is gone and he can’t re-injure the wrist permanently by coming back, he would play through some discomfort and “clicking.” If the pain goes away, that’s the main key. If the pain goes away and I still have the clicking, then I can probably play through it and maybe fix it after the season. Otherwise, if I still have the pain, I’m going to be out.” If there is still pain after the cast comes off, it is likely that he will undergo surgery and be out for the season.

While things look bleak now, the team and Ortiz are remaining upbeat and the Red Sox actually have an excellent opportunity to audition some of their younger talent. Jeff Bailey, Chris Carter or Brandon Moss may all get a look with the big club while Ortiz is on the shelf in an effort to see what they have in the minors and if these players can fill the void, or if they should explore external options. If these guys play well, and they all have shown flashes of power this season and in their careers, then the Sox should weather this storm decently well. My hope is that one of these guys sticks for about a month and really increases their trade value and then Ortiz comes back healthy.

Currently, Chris Carter has officially gotten the call up from Pawtucket and his season line so far is as follows:

.310 BA, .366 OBP, .526 SLG with 10 HR (5 of which have come in the last week+). You can read the full scouting report on him here.

He certainly looks like a decent option, along with Jeff Bailey whose season line to date is:

.315 BA, .407 OBP, .668 SLG with 17 HR. His full scouting report can be located here.

I think both of these kids can perform at the MLB level and I am excited to watch them show off their skills at Fenway over the next 2-4 weeks. Here’s hoping that they continue to be successful with the big club and are just keeping the seat warm from Papi.



  1. The papi injury really sucks, but I think it speaks volumes for the red sox farm system has really shown its value of late. Elsbury in addition to the end of last year is really a monster player, Masterson came out and threw an first game and Carter’s stats are impressive.

  2. I think what has been even more impressive then the AAA callup they use to fill Ortiz’s slot is the play of some of the other guys on the team. Manny has been on a tear since hitting 500 and getting that monkey off his back and JD Drew is hitting something in the neighborhood of .320 since the $14 million dollar grand slam and making us forget about his off year last season. The Colon signing just keeps paying off too and I love that half the league are kicking themselves right now.

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