Posted by: Nate | January 4, 2008

The Surreal Life

While I am sure many of you have a soft spot in your hearts for the reality show of the same name, this post is not about the antics of fading celebrities. Rather, about the extremely improbable and amazing run that Boston sports teams have been on recently. Since the Red Sox lost to the Indians in game four of the ALCS (on October 16th), the big three Boston sports teams have lost three times. That’s correct, 3 times in two and a half months.

The Red Sox won the next three games of the ALCS (of which I went to games 6 & 7) and then the first four games of the World Series (I was at game 1) en route to their second World Championship in 4 years. The Patriots just completed their perfect regular season to be the first undefeated team in an NFL regular season since the 1972 Dolphins and the Celtics are an NBA best 27-3 right now. Those 3 Celtics losses not only represent the only 3 losses in that time frame but they came by scores of 2 (to the Magic), by 5 (to the Cavs in OT), and by 2 (to the Pistons). This is an unheard of, unprecedented and completely absurd run of good play by these teams and Boston sports fans really need to step back and appreciate this while it’s here. We have the best baseball team, and currently have the best basketball and football teams as the Pats head into the playoffs and the Celtics finish up the first third of the season.

I don’t know off the top of my head, but if that isn’t the best stretch of play by three major sports teams from the same city, then it has to be near one of the best. If the Celtics and Pats end up winning their respective championships <knock on wood> then it has to be the best run of any cities major three sports teams ever. Let’s take a look at some of the accomplishments of these teams over that run.

Dustin Pedroia was AL rookie of the year, while Josh Beckett continued to grow his legacy of post season dominance while Curt Schilling added to his already impressive post season resume. They won the World Series in dominating fashion and bring back essentially the same roster for next season, with some minor tweaks at this point. Beckett was runner up in a tight Cy Young race and Tito finished 4th in manager of the year voting – which many people viewed as a snub.

The Patriots won 16 games in a row to have a perfect regular season and adding in their 3 straight regular season wins from last year broke their own NFL record for consecutive regular season wins. Bill Belichick is coach of the year in spite of the Cameragate scandal and the Pats were and offensive juggernaut this year, breaking numerous NFL team and individual records. Tom Brady broke Peyton Manning’s single season record for most TD passes with 50. Randy Moss broke Jerry Rice’s single season record for TD receptions with 23 – though it should be noted Rice caught 22 in the strike shortened 12 game season of 1987. The team broke the NFL record for most points in a season (589) and largest point differential (+315). Wes Welker broke the team record for receptions with 112 and the Pats averaged 36.81 pints per game, second in NFL history to the 1950 Los Angeles Rams, who had an average of 38.83 per game over a 12 game schedule. They also had over 20 different players score a touchdown this season, which was another near NFL record.

The Celtics look like the C’s of old, when the old Boston Garden was full and rocking every home game and you couldn’t get a ticket to the game even if you knew someone. The Celtics tied the best ever 30 game start in the NBA last night after a win over the Rockets to go to 27-3. KG is a relentless energy source for the team and the “Big Three” are playing very well together and incredibly unselfishly. The role players are getting more comfortable in their playing time and roles and the younger players like Rondo and Perkins are improving every week. Much like I mentioned in a previous post about the shifting culture of the Boston sports scene, the unselfish, team-first play the Celtics have exhibited has propelled them to an incredible start. With KG as the emotional leader of this team and the leadership and experience of all these veterans, backed by the raucous crowds of the Garden I see no reason for them not to continue to play at this level all season.

It is truly an amazing time to be a Boston sports fan, and I have certainly recognized the history behind this run. I slept on the street multiple nights to get tickets to the Sox ALCS and World Series games, not only to witness a part of their run towards a title, but because I sensed that something big was going on. I certainly had no idea it was going to be of this magnitude, of course, but I am glad I have tickets to see a couple of Celtics games this season to and to be a part of that experience as well. Now if only I could get some Pats playoff tickets, I can be a part of that environment as well. If you know of anyone with tickets they want to unload, please let me know. I already have a 3-0 playoff record this year (4-0 lifetime). Let’s hope that the good times continue to roll and that everyone in New England is really soaking this all in and basking in the hatred of their friends from other areas and with other allegiances.



  1. […] I have mentioned before, it is a great time to be a Boston Sports Fan, and here’s hoping the good run continues. Sox-Angels tonight at 7:05pm, with Game 2 of the […]

  2. […] I have mentioned before, it is a great time to be a Boston Sports Fan, and here’s hoping the good run continues. Sox-Angels tonight at 7:05pm, with Game 2 of the […]

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