Posted by: Nate | December 12, 2007

The Mitchell Report Cometh

With the announcement that the long awaited Mitchell Report will be released tomorrow at 2p.m. many people are already speculating who will be named and what the impact will be. While numerous sources have stated that approximately 60-80 current and former players will be named, I find it hard to believe that this report will tell us anything that we don’t already know – baseball has a steroids/performance enhancing drug problem. So do lots of other sports, in fact. While I am just as interested as to who is named and how their reputations are damaged by their named being released, I don’t see this report coming out as any sort of solution to the problem. More frequent and stringent testing is needed to ensure that those players cheating the system are caught and dealt with accordingly. We shall see in the coming days, and months, what kind of impact this report has but I fail to see this as being anything more than the public tip of the iceberg, with much more to be done before baseball, and sport in general, can operate in a scrutiny free environment.

Tune in tomorrow as this roller coaster ride gets set to kick off!


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