Posted by: El Duffah | November 27, 2007

Caffeine Powered Update

Since the caffeine from this putrid energy drink is just starting to flow through my veins I figured now would be a good time to record my thoughts on some of the recent happenings in the sportosphere (Catchy name isn’t it? I also like athletosphere. Thoughts?) before I start my composites problem set, which I desperately don’t want to do.

Beginning with the world of baseball (The batosphere?), I just read on that the Yankees are actively talking with the Twins regarding Santana. The thought of the bombers netting Santana, without losing Joba Chamberlain, is somewhat disturbing. Although, knowing that they’ll probably have to throw 25 mil/year over 5 years at a contract extension so that Johan will waive his no-trade clause settles my stomach a bit. Unfortunately this is tempered by the fact that the Steinbrenners have more money to burn than Michael Vick has pit bulls to rehabilitate. All this brings me to my next peeve, which is the ridiculously high price that free agent pitching is demanding these days. Of course we can thank teams like the Giants for that. When they vomited 126 million over 7 years on the declining Barry Zito they irrevocably inflated the pitching market. As if the Giants needed any more reasons to be unlikable. In other news, The Family Jowls Hank Steinbrenner has the beginnings of some pretty impressive jowls. Hopefully he cultivates the look so he can be more menacing when he inevitably starts berating players for under performing after the Yankees first losing streak. I can’t decide if his full disclosure policy with the media regarding trade negotiations is a clever ploy to throw off opposing teams or if it just represents a general lack of discretion. More on that to come…

The Angels are the team that I’m most worried about this off season. If they manage to snatch Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins then they’ll finally have a pretty devastating middle of the order since they’ve already signed Torri Hunter to play center. Assuming Garret Anderson’s eye doesn’t inflate back to the size of the Goodyear blimp mid season they’ll be solid 3 through 6 in the lineup, which means our old friend Vlad will finally have the protection he’s so badly needed the past few years. I mean, considering that the guy can take a pitch at neck level and put it into the upper deck, the thought of pitchers being forced to pitch to him is rather terrifying. Lets just hope if this trade actually happens that Mike Sciosia loses his mind and decides that playing small ball means Vlad should sac bunt every at-bat.

I can’t really do an update without talking about the Patriots week 11 game against the Eagles. If I had to summarize the entire night in one sentence it would go like this: “Thank god we gave Asante Samuel his money.” As if the Eagles gave us the closest call of the entire season. The 3 interceptions notwithstanding, A.J. Feeley did a pretty good job of making our secondary look non-existent for much of the night. People seemed to give way more credit to the Eagles defense for limiting Brady than they did to the Eagles offense for scoring more points against the Patriots than any other team so far this season. It’s worth noting that although Brady only had one touchdown pass he still threw for a more than respectable 380 yards. If it hadn’t been for a questionable offensive pass interference call on Moss in the end zone in the 2nd quarter(I think) then it wouldn’t have been as much of a nailbiter. Despite a somewhat unproductive night Brady is on pace to throw almost 57 touchdowns with 5002 yards gained(slightly less than Dan Marino’s single season record of 5084 and he would be the only other person to ever break 5000 passing yards in a season). Moss, who had a big donut on the touchdown front, is still on pace to break Jerry Rice’s single season touchdown record with slightly more than 23. If you want to have a laugh or two read the article in the Boston globe today about Bellichick’s response to the question of why Maroney only appeared in the second half. Classic Billy B stonewall technique.

Anyway, it’s now 11:30pm and I haven’t yet started my homework so I should probably conclude this post and get on top of that. Until next time…



  1. The pats had to stumble at some point, it was a necessary reminder that they are not unbeatable.

    I agree that the angels are looking dangerous, but it’s not solid until they actually sign MCab.

    As far as the yankees go they already fired the winningest active manager, so I would expect nothing but bad decisions from them. The only reason they got ARod back was that after watching the world series everyone collectively realized his agent is a douche.

    The line should have been “pit bulls to drown.”

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