Posted by: Nate | November 22, 2007

Hunt over for Angels? is reporting that former Twins CF Torii Hunter has agreed to a $90 million, five-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They were not one of the teams initially thought to be in the market for Hunter, and apparently swooped in with a strong offer and finalized the deal in the last 24 hours. After swinging a splashy trade for Jon Garland with the White Sox just the other day and now landing Hunter from the Twins it is clear that the Angels are addressing some of their biggest weaknesses and are determined not to be swept from the playoffs again this year. With Hunter protecting the always dangerous Vlad Guerrero now, that very well may be a reality this season.

The Angels have also been linked in conversations regarding the Marlins 3B Miguel Cabrera and it is unclear if the Hunter signing will take them out of those negotiations or not. Either way, the Angels are one of several teams making bold moves this off season and they may not be done yet.



  1. If the angels got cab they’d be a pretty good force for the season. That would be a nasty line up.

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