Posted by: Nate | November 20, 2007

Lowell returns to Red Sox!

As is being reported by many other news outlets now (, and Curt Schilling’s 38pithces blog) Mike Lowell and the Boston Red Sox have come to terms on a 3 year, $37.5 million dollar deal. The Sox are planning on making an official announcement later today (Tuesday) to announce the signing. This is big news for the Sox, as they get one of their leading hitters and clubhouse leaders back for three more years at a very reasonable price. I would have been willing to give Lowell in the $14 million a year range over three years to get him to return, so getting him for $12.5/yr. when he had deals on the table for more money and guaranteed years is phenomenal. It really shows a dedication on Lowell’s part to Boston to return in the face of better contract offers elsewhere and proves that he thinks the Sox as poised for more championship runs in the near future.

As evidenced in the initial dialogue we posted, we both wanted Lowell to return and I think this was the best allocation of the team’s resources going forward. The 2008 roster is essentially set with this signing and we have maintained all of our blue chip prospects for a potential blockbuster type trade down the road (cough Johan cough). All in all a great day for Sox fans, and for me personally, as I predicted that both Schilling and Lowell would be back at reasonable rates.

In other baseball news, the White Sox and Angels just announced a trade that sends former Red Sox SS Orlando Cabrera to the White Sox with cash considerations for pitcher Jon Garland. Interesting trade for both sides, and it is too early to tell how this trade will work out. My initial impression is that the White Sox got the better end of the deal here, as they picked up a rock solid defensive SS who brings a lot to the clubhouse and still is potent with the bat. He is 33, and eligible for free agency after this year, but should provide a spark to what was a lackluster club last year. Garland is a solid pitcher, but his low strikeout totals and apparent regression on the mound this year (10-13 record, down from back to back 18 win seasons) leave me skeptical. His career ERA of around 4.40 doesn’t exactly bowl me over either.

The Braves are also reportedly in the finalizing stages of a deal with pitcher Tom Glavine for one year at $8 million dollars. This would bring Galvine back to Atlanta where he created his legacy and bolsters what has been a lackluster rotation behind Smoltz the past few years. As a supporter of the Braves over the years, I’m excited to see Tom back with the team everyone identifies him with and hope he has a strong season for them.

Finally, Jimmy Rollins edged out Matt Holliday and Prince Fielder to win the NL MVP award announced earlier this afternoon. Rollins and teammate Ryan Howard make this two consecutive MVP awards for the Phillies after Howard’s win last year. Interesting to note is that Rollins himself said in an interview after getting the award that if his teammate Chase Utley wasn’t hurt and forced to miss almost 5 weeks “we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” Perhaps next year Utley and the Phils can make it 3 for 3.


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