Posted by: Nate | November 20, 2007

Full Speed Ahead

As many of you by now know, the Patriots continued their path of destruction through the NFL this past Sunday night, beating the Buffalo Bills handily 56-10. Once again, Belichick and the Pats proved that they are going for the collective jugular of the entire league by going for it on fourth down in the red zone and refusing to relent and let some of the backups play until they had amassed a nearly 40 point lead.

Of particular note in this game were several things to me, other than the futility that is Buffalo football against quality opponents. Firstly, I thought it was phenomenal that on the heels of the four touchdown game from T.O. in Dallas that Brady and Moss hooked up for four TD’s in the nightcap to swing the spotlight back onto themselves. Whether or not this was intentional or just a by product of shaky secondary play by the Bills I’m not sure, but regardless of why it happened it was impressive to watch. With each acrobatic catch or triple coverage burned Randy Moss continues to stick it in the faces of Raiders fans and coaches as well as make the lost 4th round choice to acquire him look even more than the highway robbery it was initially.

Secondly, the whole Kevin Everett saga was very remarkable I thought. For those who don’t know, he was a Bills TE who suffered a severe spinal and neck injury in week one and was thought to be paralyzed. He has progressed incredibly fast and it appears he is going to make a full recovery; he was even able to walk on his own and go to the grocery store recently. His recovery and story and a true testament to the strength of human will and evidence that good things can indeed happen to good people.  This being said, I found it incredibly humorous that his first public words following his surgeries and rehabs was played over the Jumbotron before the game thanking teammates, fans and the general public for their support and urging his teammates to go out and get a win versus NE. The Pats have reached a point where opposing teams are trying to do anything to get an edge or a karmic boost to try and compete with them. I won’t be at all surprised if for the upcoming Miami game they don’t have the whole 1972 team in attendance as guests of honor and play a 15 minute montage of their season before the game.  Not that I see the Pats losing anytime soon, but it’s fun to see what lengths teams are willing to go to to try and get an edge on us.



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  2. I don’t think Everrett will make a “full” recovery, he’ll be able to walk and run and shit, but full makes it seem like he could return to the NFL, which seems extremely unlikely.

    Also, no mention of Ricky Williams?

  3. In regards to Everett, he is expected to make a full to close to full recovery in the sense that he will be able to walk and lead a normal, independent life. Football takes a back seat when these types of injuries occur and it is just miraculou7s that he won’t be confined to a wheelchair for life.

    As for Ricky, I was planning on waiting for him to see game action before commenting.

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